Fuji Green Tea


The past 2 days I have been using a new product called ”Fuji Green Tea” cleansing hair scrub from @thebodyshop. I normally never use a hair scrub and this was my first time using a hair scrub. I must say it smells and feels amazing when using it. The product contains Japanese Green Tea, mint, salt-crystals and honey. Also it is 100% veggie and doesn’t contain silicones.

What my experience was when using the hair scrub. It made my scalp look much cleaner and healthier looking from using all hair styling products and hairsprays. Also in the mornings my hair felt much smoother and softer. It really helps getting rid of dust, smoke and sweat. Especially after the last 2 hot days my hair was very sweaty and it really helped making my hair looking more fresh. Also on windy days my hair gets a lot of dust and dirt but after experiencing this. I would definitely start using this hair scrub into my haircare routine.

How to use the product: 

  1. Before the first use stir well. 
  2. With a teaspoon mix the hair scrub and place the scrub together with water onto your hands. 
  3. Massage the hair scrub on your scalp 
  4. Rinse thoroughly afterwards
  5. Start seeing the results. 

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3 x what to wear for Fall ♡

Park stroll Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (29).jpg

As Summer is soon coming to end, we have Fall coming next which is still quite pleasant. In Fall you are still able to wear spring type of clothes but it’s heading towards Winter sadly. In Amsterdam (The Netherlands) you normally in Fall can already feel like it’s winter. During Fall it’s nice to wear burgundy and combining slightly dark colours together as an outfit and also it’s the time of Halloween. Today I will show you some of my favourite looks for Fall which you can combine going anywhere such as the city or just a stroll through the park.

Look 1 –  This look is so nice because it really brings a Fall vibe and makes those burgundy colours stand out. Strolling through the park with all the colourful leaves woud look amazing. I love wearing skirts but of course you can combine this with tights to. I prefer without but with would go to.

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Amsterdam Fall Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (30).jpg

Look 2 – I am absolutely in love with this outfit combination and I would definitely wear this wondering around the canals and streets of Amsterdam. It’s casual but brings that fall feeling too which I love. The colours would really match the type of weather that Amsterdam has. Of course you can add a bit of jewellery and other accessorise to this outfit. Bringing back the legging which is trendy and so comfy to wear during fall.

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Blouse (Top)





The Casual Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (31).jpg

Look 3 – This look I really like the trendy but casual twist to it. Bringing that black and white vibe to fall. Also bringing back the long high kneed boots with casual dresses which is a great combination. I love the simple looks and long dresses which you can combine with these boots. Casual but great I would say.

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♡ I hope you guys liked these combinations, let me know which one is your favourite? ♡

OOTD – 5th August 2017 in Madrid

Yesterday (5th of August 2017), I was in Madrid for 1 day and absolutely loved it and enjoyed it. The reason why I was there for 1 day is because I have already seen everything before when I came 2 years ago so instead I went to do things which I hadn’t done yet. As my OOTD in Madrid in the 38 degrees, I wore this amazing two piece outfit which I loved and was perfect for the weather and temperature (also good for getting a tan in) and it felt so summery and nice to wear.

two piece outfit – ShelnOfficial

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Bershka

Sunglasses – Michael Kors

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OOTD – 29th July 2017

Yesterday (29th July 2017), I went strolling around Amsterdam. Starting off at Jacks Juice & Kitchen where I had an avocado shake. Then walking down towards lunch where we ate at SNCKBR in De Pijp area. But I absolutely loved wearing this as it was very summery (only the weather in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is not helping) It has been constantly raining when it’s supposed to be summer. This outfit is so nice as it’s easy to combine other colours to the outfit which you want to wear (like I combined Pink with white).

Playsuit – Romwe

Shoes – Zara Basic

Bag – Zara basic

Sunglasses #1,2,3,4,6 pic – Michael Kors

Sunglasses #5 pic – Quay Australia

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FullSizeRender (9)FullSizeRender (8)FullSizeRender (12)FullSizeRender (14)FullSizeRender (17)FullSizeRender (11)



OOTD – 21st July 2017

On the 21st of July 2017 (Yesterday), I had a great day out in Amsterdam enjoying the lovely sunny weather. First we visited Joe and the Juice which I absolutely love and then we went to eat for lunch at Café Georgette. As my OOTD I wore

T-shirt – MyJewellery

Shorts – Brandy Melville

Shoes – Zara Basic

Bag – Zara Basic

Sunglasses on pics #1,2,3 – Michael Kors

Sunglasses on pic #4 – ShopIsabelli

I am absolutely in love with my shirt from MyJewellery. Normally I never wear t-shirts like this but from the moment wearing it, i never wanted to take it off anymore.



Amsterdam Fashion Week Experience ♡

On 16th July 2017 (Yesterday), i went for the first time to Amsterdam Fashion Week by Mercedes-Benz with my mom who loves fashion like I do. I absolutely loved it and had a great time. The only thing I thought was an absolute joke was when we were stood in the queue from 15:30 and waited for about 20 minutes before we could go in and then waited another 10 minutes inside the venue before the fashion show started and when the show started it only lasted 10 MINUTES!!!. So you basically pay and spend about 80 euro just for a 10 minute show. We sat on row 6 but we could have sat anywhere basically because nobody checked our tickets only at the entrance but many other people just sat anywhere they wanted to sit (I could have sat on the first row with nobody knowing ahaha). Anyway I had a great experience of what a fashion show is like and hopefully see more in the future which will hopefully last a bit longer. I also payed 20 euro for a goodie bag which was totally worth it!! I have filmed a youtube video on it which will be posted soon on my Youtube, Stay tuned!!. The goodie bag was so heavy that now I have so much pain in my shoulder from carrying it. There was so many nice cute stands where you could get Magnum Ice cream or drinks and even a restaurant if you wanted to have some dinner. I would totally come back to Amsterdam Fashion Week and maybe research more about the designers to know if it was woman or men modelling. Because the show we went to see was ”Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week by Jan Cerny”. It was a great show and I loved the atmosphere and music which was played during the fashion show. Down below are some pictures of my first time experience at Amsterdam Fashion Week. I would definitely recommend going to Amsterdam Fashion Week especially if you love fashion like I do. For the fashion show I wore my outfit from SheInOfficial which I absolute love (You can read about it on my last post). My sunglasses are from ShopIsabelli.


3 x What to wear for Summer ♡

Paradise Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (5).jpgSummer is one of my favourite months, when you can wear literally everything (Not when you live in Amsterdam with weather changes) and wearing the bright summery colours which I love. Today I will show you some of my favourite looks for summer which you can combine together to the beach, city or town and even festivals.

Look 1: This is one of my favourite looks to combine for going to the beach especially being on a beach where it’s like being in Paradise. Giving it that tropical style look in a burgundy colour way. I am absolutely in love with the bikini matching with the sunglasses, i can already see myself wearing it for summer.

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Wedges (Shoes)


Whitewash Village Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Look 2: I am absolutely in love and obsessed with the two piece outfit which is so nice and matches well if you are going to a town such as a whitewash village. To match the outfit combine some nice black wedges which is very in fashion right now. This is such a cute outfit to walk around in and it’s quite open which is good if it’s very hot (and you can get a good tan haha). I would totally walk around in this.

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Two piece outfit

Wedges (shoes)



Tropical Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Look 3: This outfit I absolutely love because of it’s tropical vibe and combinations. I think the bag is really nice and matches well. I would for sure wear this on my trips for example to Aruba. I just really like the tropical feeling about the two piece outfit and the top being a bandeau. Recently I have seen a lot of people wear these two piece outfits and they are very trendy and easy to wear and combine with other clothing and Accessories.

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Two piece outfit




♡ I hope you guys liked these combinations, let me know which one is your favourite? ♡ 

OOTD – 6th July 2017

Yesterday (6th July 2017) I went wondering around Amsterdam in my Shein outfit. I have never liked an outfit as much as this one. It’s so comfy to wear and so pretty for the summer. Also this was my first day wearing it and I got a lot of compliments from people about my outfit which was really nice to hear.

Top – SheIn

Shorts – SheIn

Sunglasses – ShopIsabelli

Bag – Zara Basic

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Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 13.29.33

Morgan & Mees


On the 25th of May 2017, I went to try Morgan&Mees which is a hotel with only 9 rooms available and they also have a restaurants for guests staying at the hotel and visitors who are not staying, which is great. This is honestly one of my favourite places as I have been a couple of times. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the moment I have only been coming at breakfast time which is before 12PM (12:00) because after that you are not able to order anything of the breakfast menu. If you come for breakfast I definitely recommend the ”Paulie’s Pancakes” which are sooo goood. One of the best pancakes I have ever had, they are small but worth it. Also I would recommend the ”Scones” they are also very high in quality. What is so good about it is there are no raisins in it and I absolutely hate raisins, so this is absolutely brilliant. The iced latte which I always have when I am there is very nice but quite strong and that’s why I always ask for some extra milk. I would definitely start and try coming for the lunch and dinner menu to. The staff are very friendly and helpful. But the downside is when they are busy you cannot get their attention very easily. They have a lovely outdoor terrace when it’s nice weather. Some of the tables are out on the street and the others are inside a little inclosed from the street. The atmosphere is very pleasant and isn’t too noisy even outside. If you love the sun this is definitely the place to be because the sun is there from 11AM as far as I know. For the none loving sun people there is also shaded areas don’t worry. If you are in Amsterdam with good sunny weather then definitely come and take a look here. I would rate this a 5 out of 5.


Morgan & Mees – Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 2-6, 1052 LC Amsterdam


On the 22nd of May 2017, I went to try a restaurant with my mom called Jansz which is part of the Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I had reserved a table because it was nice weather and we weren’t sure if it was going to be busy or not when sitting outside. When we got there we sat down on the corner of the street. We had ordered a small still water and a glass of wine. We waited about 15 minutes and still didn’t receive our drinks which is weird because it wasn’t busy at all and drinks normally don’t take long to get. After asking again they came with a big bottle of still water when we had asked for a small one. So they after came back 10 minutes later with the water. We also ordered food and I ordered a portion of fries to go with my meal which was Ricotta on toast. Then after 30 minutes our food still didn’t come and we asked where it was and some woman told us our food never got placed in the system of it being ordered. We were not happy about this at this point and after we re-ordered we got it in about 10 minutes. The food it self tasted very good but the service wasn’t even when it wasn’t that busy either which was a shame and a disappointment but what was weird is that we were the only people which had this situation. Next time we will try again and see if we will have the same problem or if it was a one off. The atmosphere itself was very nice because we sat outside on the terrace along the road with good weather and watched people, cars and bikes go by. I would rate this 4 out of 5 because after all the disappointment we had a waiter decided to take off the drinks and the fries from the bill because we did get our food but the fries never came till like 10 minutes after we finished our meal.


Jansz – Reestraat 8, 1016 DN Amsterdam