3 x What to wear for Summer ♡

Paradise Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (5).jpgSummer is one of my favourite months, when you can wear literally everything (Not when you live in Amsterdam with weather changes) and wearing the bright summery colours which I love. Today I will show you some of my favourite looks for summer which you can combine together to the beach, city or town and even festivals.

Look 1: This is one of my favourite looks to combine for going to the beach especially being on a beach where it’s like being in Paradise. Giving it that tropical style look in a burgundy colour way. I am absolutely in love with the bikini matching with the sunglasses, i can already see myself wearing it for summer.

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Wedges (Shoes)


Whitewash Village Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Look 2: I am absolutely in love and obsessed with the two piece outfit which is so nice and matches well if you are going to a town such as a whitewash village. To match the outfit combine some nice black wedges which is very in fashion right now. This is such a cute outfit to walk around in and it’s quite open which is good if it’s very hot (and you can get a good tan haha). I would totally walk around in this.

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Two piece outfit

Wedges (shoes)



Tropical Outfit ♡

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Look 3: This outfit I absolutely love because of it’s tropical vibe and combinations. I think the bag is really nice and matches well. I would for sure wear this on my trips for example to Aruba. I just really like the tropical feeling about the two piece outfit and the top being a bandeau. Recently I have seen a lot of people wear these two piece outfits and they are very trendy and easy to wear and combine with other clothing and Accessories.

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Two piece outfit




♡ I hope you guys liked these combinations, let me know which one is your favourite? ♡ 

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